Our commitment

Embodying our purpose

Responsibility is a key part of our corporate DNA and contributes to the social value of the Indosuez group.

Our social commitment is at the heart of our activities and delivered by each of our teams. To ensure we remain our clients’ trusted partners, our teams protect client interests and strictly observe regulations. 

Our commitment incites us to respond to the issues inherent in a sustainable and responsible economy through our actions and by the solutions we offer, particularly Green Finance solutions deployed with the support of the Crédit Agricole group.

Adapting Crédit Agricole’s policies

Indosuez Group is committed to Crédit Agricole group’s continuous, proactive drive for progress, which we apply through innovative group-wide and local initiatives.

Our employees are involved in a variety of projects that build respect for individuals, promote environmental conservation, and enhance our clients’ trust.

Contributing to progress

We know that our commitment to corporate social responsibility is a vector for progress – and we have enshrined it in our corporate culture.

The aims of our varied initiatives within the group are to not only support social entrepreneurship, but also raise our clients’ and our employees’ awareness of the key environmental and societal issues.

Acting locally and internationally

Local initiatives encompass many projects (recycling of computer equipment and office waste, etc.).

Our employees also organise local volunteer initiatives. Since 2012, we have organised “Citizen’s Days” each year, enabling our employees to devote one working day to a selected project run by local partner charities.

Our engagement in Switzerland is also exemplified by the work of the Indosuez Foundation, which, since its creation in 2012, has supported international NGOs whose work has a real, sustainable environmental and social impact.

Through the Foundation, we work to improve environmental conservation and preservation (especially in forests) to boost economic development and to empower unprivileged local communities.

The projects carried out with the support of the Indosuez Foundation in Switzerland reflect the international dimension of its actions: projects are being supported in Benin, Cambodia, Madagascar and Nepal.

Assisting our clients to create a greener world

In line with our “raison d’être”, we have a strong commitment towards sustainable finance as we believe that it can be an essential lever to create a better and greener world.

To that extent, our strong ESG expertise spreads from advisory to asset management and capital markets. Our strong understanding of environmental, social and governance issues helps us to assist our clients in building resilient portfolios that can also comply with their personal aspirations. We have a unique ESG product selection that encompasses single stocks, sustainable bonds, green structured products as well as investment funds. We also have mandates with a social and environment focus.